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          Rabbits are the third-most often surrendered pet, accounting for hundreds of thousands of rabbits in shelters each year. While rabbits are wonderful animals, they are often misunderstood, leading to false expectations. Rabbits are intelligent, entertaining, and beautiful, but they often are destructive, reluctant to be held, and require expensive, specialized daily and veterinary care. Most rabbits are surrendered to shelters because the owners could no longer care for them or lacked the interest to do so. Sadly, those are the lucky rabbits. An unknown number of rabbits are released into the wild each year, where they succumb to the elements and predators.

          House Rabbit Network takes in hundreds of rabbits each year and provides medical and daily care before having them spayed or neutered and (hopefully) adopted to loving, indoor homes. Such care is expensive. Your monthly donation will go directly to the care of abandoned rabbits.

          Thank you for your commitment to improving the lives of unwanted rabbits with your monthly donation!

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