Affordable Sitting Services by Bunny-Experienced Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in House Rabbit Network Bunsitting Services! We have experienced, rabbit-savvy volunteers throughout eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire who will care for your rabbits in their homes in exchange for a donation to HRN.

Once we receive your request, we begin reaching out to our sitters, making every attempt to find someone for your dates within the driving distance you have specified. This process sometimes takes a day, but can take several. Please be patient as we try to fulfill your request.

A few things to keep in mind: the farther away you are willing to drive to drop off/pick up your bun, the better our chances of finding a sitter. Similarly, the more time you can give us, the better.

When we have found a potential match, we will email you and the sitter to introduce you. From there, you coordinate with the sitter about the specifics of drop off/pick up, supplies needed, etc.

Please complete your Boarding Agreement and Release of Liability Form to give to your sitter. Payment is due at the time of drop off via check made out to House Rabbit Network or online.

Bunsitting Services

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Please complete the below form to begin the process of finding a sitter. This should give us all the information we need to begin, but we will reach out if we have questions.

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